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For those who haven't figured it out [February 2, 2008]
[ mood | amused ]

My journal is friend's only now. Except for maybe a few picture entrys.

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Picture Post #2; Paul Walker, Tyrese Gibson [January 28, 2008]
[ mood | blah ]

Here are some photos of Paul Walker, as requested by Kia. I had a few really rare UHQ photoshoots to add but the imagehost fell through. So I can't get to them at the moment. Also a few more additions of the rare Tyrese.


Paul Walker Photoshoots x2Collapse )

Tyrese Gibson Press EventCollapse )

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Request: Clive Owen [January 11, 2008]
[ mood | bored ]

Here are some various Clive Owen pictures, requested by Allen. They're all photoshoots, maybe one promo from Sin City.

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Various Clive OwenCollapse )

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[September 8, 2006]
[ mood | content ]

I've decided i'm randomly going to post pictures, since i'm always getting them. Sharing is good, apparently. So here is my first official picture sharing entry. Haha. All my stuff is HIGH QUALITY and occasionally rare. So enjoy.

Featuring: Channing Tatum, Tyrese Gibson & Justin Timberlake.

Channing Tatum by Greg GormanCollapse )

Tyrese Gibson at Various EventsCollapse )

Justin Timberlake Cover Scan; RollingStoneCollapse )

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so here's the deal.. [September 7, 2006]
[ mood | blah ]

I don't wanna get all into this because I don't want it to look like i'm complaining about how i'm always getting screwed over and blah blah because i've realized that it looks like i'm all emo and trying to get attention or sympathy. Possibly both. Which I don't want. That's never been me. Thankfully.

Basically what's happened is, a series of unforunate events have gone down repeatedly over these past few years for myself and my mother. After we were evicted from our last house, she had to go and be with her "boyfriend" who she claims she can't stand and doesn't want to be around or with him but she has to play it off, in order to stay at his house until we're on our feet again. I've been staying with some friends of hers, who are/were more like my family. Dawn is my blood. Whether DNA says so or not.

Well after getting over the fact that we were apart and I wasn't around my newborn baby brother every day, being here was okay. The situation was fine for the moment. We just needed to get on our feet. Well after we had finally gotten enough money to move. We were waiting to hear about this house that her Boss owns.. and while we were doing so, the money was in my posession. Which was probably a huge mistake, considering I don't have the best of luck. We should have given it to my Grandma to hold until we needed it.

Okay, not probably a mistake. It was a mistake because I was completely accurate. The money was stolen from me by my other roommate's son, while I wasn't home. Eighteen hundred dollars. He denied it but everyone knew he did it, so Tonya. Roommate number 2, his mother. Was all.. i'll give you a loan but she basically lied. So we're only getting five hundred now.. the deposit from the house i'm living in now. The one we can no longer stay in because the land lord wants to sell it and nobody here can afford to buy it. So while Tonya and Dawn immediately get a new place, i'm out on my ass.. back to square one. I'm pretty much homeless for the time being.. and I gotta be moved out of here by the 23rd of this month.

I don't know...

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Quick First Post [September 7, 2006]
[ mood | blank ]

I'm lacking sleep but I wanted to say something, so this thing wasn't so empty. Kia, you better talk to me now! Since I made this bitch. LJ isn't fun with their layoutness. It's all difficult, as opposed to GJ. So I just took one from a random community. I'm too lazy to make my own and figure out how to set it up. Maybe i'll make one before my internet is gone though.

Creating the journal kinda threw me into the icon making mood.. so i'll definitely be doing that sometime soon. I'm lame like that, it's dandy. Layouts are a million times harder. Creatively, they require more. Unless that's just me. I can't help it if i'm a mild obsessive compulsive perfectionist. Haha.. but yeah.

I'll babble more later and post some PICTURES for KIA of CHANNING. Love me?

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